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Founder and President

Darrell L. Johnson, single and 43 years old born in Beaufort, SC on November 3, 1975 and currently live in Denver, CO.

My Story

I was raised in the country on the south side of Jasper County, South Carolina 15 minutes from Savannah, GA. As a young child, i was never shy about performing in front of Family and Friends. My favorite song was Micheal Jackson – The Girl is Mine, my brother and I would sing this song every time it came on the radio and fight over who would do Micheal Jackson’s part.

I got my first paying job as a dishwasher for a seafood restaurant in Hardeeville, SC. I was a class clown and a prankster growing up, always disrupting the class for one reason or another or annoying my family no matter what they were doing. I have always had a desire to entertain people, performed in school talent shows, played basketball (no good at it), sung in the church junior choir, played the tuba in the school band and started in many church plays.

I was brought up baptist, my family roots are deep in the Christian religion which had me studying the word every Sunday during Sunday School and worshiping every 1st and 3rd Sunday. My family believed in love in respect, love yourself and family and respect your friends and neighbors (especially the elders).

My interest in broadcasting started in 1993 shortly after winning a contest with the local radio station and getting a tour of that radio station when i went to pick up my prize. Watching the On Air Personality turn on the microphone to talk to 100’s of 1000’s of listeners and how much they were into delivering a tight and informative talk break captured my heart. 

I spent a lot of time hanging out with the staff of WEAS in Savannah until 1994 when i decided to pursue a career in radio broadcasting and taking on a part time board operator position with a Country station on Hilton Head Island, SC along with an internship with WLVH in Savannah simultaneously.

Two days after leaving school, I moved away from home to North Carolina where I continued to get pursue an full time on air position starting with another internship with WZFX in Fayetteville, NC. My goal was to become a Major Market Program Director of a Hip-Hop radio station.

In a few months of being in Fayetteville, NC, I got my break to host a midday show on a new Hip-Hop station that launched in Market and soon after becoming the Program Director for an AM Gospel Station. Before achieving my goal, I worked in Raleigh, NC as a Morning Show Producer and part time On Air Personality, Washington, DC as an Assistant Program Director to Albany, GA as the Program Director of a Hip-Hop station.

My goal was achieved in 1998 with the help of the owner of the station and the COO of the company I went to work for in Atlanta, GA becoming the youngest Major Market Program Director in the nation with WHTA working with the staff to drive the station from a 1.3 rating to a 5.4 just before I left to do a start up station with the same company in Dallas, TX, KBFB as the Program Director in 2000.

My career would seem to be spiraling down hill when I left Dallas but I continued my career in Richmond, Nashville, Jackson, New Orleans and Mammoth Lakes when I decided to take a break from radio broadcasting.

It didn’t take long after deciding to take a break for the bug to bite and I desired to broadcast again but instead of getting back in terrestrial radio, I wanted to try the wonderful world of Online Streaming and started an Online Broadcast with the Local Newspaper in town. The broadcast was fun and live until I started looking for investors to do more and they would only invest in my if I went back in FM radio. 

in 2011 i found a FM radio station to lease serving Colorado Springs and most of Southeast Colorado. However, unforeseen circumstances with other radio station and the FCC made it impossible for the station to survive.



Launched in 2013 as a single Broadcast Stream on www.skoolin.guru with a Hip-Hop and R&B format with a mix of Old School going back to the 80’s. Today it’s the name of the company that operates our media, events and touring divisions.

DJ 365 Live

Website and Mobile App currently streaming four broadcast –

The Shop’s 24 hour stream play Smooth Hip-Hop and R&B, Urban Boondocks is our younger end Hip-Hop and R&B, 30 and Up is an uptempo Adult broadcast and Tika Taka Radio is Salsa and Reggaeton.