Our Approach

is Mobile, to be as strong as our network and help all the time.

My Story

started with a six pack Coca Cola from WEAS in Savannah. A tour of the radio station gave me fever only cooled with Mass Communication. Worked in a number of Great Cities with Amazing People led me to Mobile Broadcasting.

The Team that Dreamed

There was help from a lot of people over many years, directly or indirectly. Every moment of Everyday, I see my future and it looked to good not to live it.


Darrell & Girlfriend

Founder & CEO

For more than 9 years Darrell & Girlfriend traveled the country looking to make people smile.

Pink moma

Darrell L. Johnson

Vice President

A fun and cleaver leader. Creative and daring. Loving and Sharing.

gold digger

Darrell L. Johnson


This man will go a 1,000 feet underground to get the gold. Definitely my Gold Digger!