Darrell L. Johnson
Media Communication Specialist
Audio Video Production
Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop - graphic production

Premiere Pro - video production

Premiere Rush - video production

Audition - Audio Production

Telecaster - Live Video Production

OBS - Live Video Production

Website Construction & Design
Website Production

Wordpress - Website Management

Elementor - Website Builder

Slider 6 - Website Builder

Amazon Web Services - Web Hosting, Content Storage

GoDaddy - Web Hosting

Online Streaming Software

Sam Broadcaster - Automation and Scheduling

Nextcast - Automation and Scheduling

Live365 - Streaming

Icecast - Streaming Media Server

TuneIn - Streaming

Shoutkast - Streaming Media Server

I'm very gifted at creating aesthetics in video and audio communications. I enjoy media design and strategy. I want a position in the industry where I can use my knowledge to promote dreams.

Media Experience
Creator / Operator
DJ 365 Live2008 - Current

In 2007, I registered a website domain and began to learn how to broadcast online. I've built a website, a few online streams with audio and video. Created Social Media accounts and posted regularly.

I believe in the power of networking around an old saying "It takes a village to raise a child". The internet opened doors for many creative content directors to be successful and I want to work with the ones that need the structured support.

Program Director
Radio Broadcasting1998 - 2012

I programmed my first radio station out of Albany, GA, WRXZ / WFFM 9 months before being announced the program director for WHTA Atlanta, GA in May 1998. I programmed the station 2 years before launching Dallas, TX's new Hip-Hop 97-9 The Beat.

Two stations experienced fast growth with arbitron showing stations going from last to top 7 and 2 in one rating period.

WHTA went from a 1.4 rating when I started to a 5.2 in two years

Promoted and sold out three major station events with 18000 plus venues,

On Air Personality
Radio Broadcasting1994 - 2012

My career began as an intern in high school with WEAS - FM, Savannah, GA. I began learning the basics, using technology and methods to produce great shows. My first live full time shift was two years later on Flava 107.7 in Fayetteville, NC.

Producing and entertaining can be challenging as the audience grows and trends are introduced. Being a radio personality help me master theater of the mind on a mass level.

Media Education
Colorado Media School8/22 - Current

I enrolled to learn media production in radio and television and plan to continue with a certification in short films.

Full Sail University1/22 - 8/22

Certified as a Media Communications Specialist. My studies include but are not limited to, Creative Presentation, Storytelling in the Entertainment and Media Industries, Data Analysis and Reporting, Media Communications and Technologies, New Media Tools, and Aesthetics and Theory of Communications.